5 Winter Life Hacks That You Need To Know!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are almost upon us and we’re beyond excited to celebrate! However, these landmark occasions hold significance that extends beyond merrymaking and revelry, for the month of November marks the end of autumn! Yes, winter is right around the corner and for the next few months, temperatures will plummet as a blanket of snow envelopes the country.

Winter is a testing time for everyone, especially when it comes to coping with the freezing temperatures. We find ourselves spending most of our time indoors, in the comfort of our own homes. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep your house warm and comfortable.

Winter is associated with many maintenance issues – from the plumbing to the driveways, no place is safe from the withering effects of the elements.

Keeping that in mind, here are 5 easy and effective tricks that you can use around your home to solve the most common problems that accompany winter!

Keep Your Showers Short & Lukewarm!

It seems like the easiest way out, doesn’t it? A long, hot shower to keep the winter blues away. Not quite! While a hot soak may seem like an attractive option, it’s in your best interest to keep your showers short and quick. Using lukewarm water is also recommended over boiling hot baths.


There are multiple reasons behind this, all of them health-related. Using water that is very hot and spending too long in the shower leaves you susceptible to the weather. Sure, it feels good for a bit but it only makes you feel even more chilly once you’re back out. Long, hot showers in the winter are also bad for your skin, as they result in it drying out much more quickly.

Insulate Your Pipes!

A common problem that can affect even the most well-planned houses. Frigid temperatures lead to pipes freezing, which in turn wrecks havoc on the water supply to the bathrooms and kitchen. Water is an essential commodity and is even more precious during the winter months.

The problem with pipes is that they can freeze on the outside and even on the inside, especially if left unused for a while. The best solution is to wrap your pipes in insulation to keep them protected. The easiest way to do this is by using a layer of newspaper and topping it with another layer of plastic.

Use An Electric Blanket While Sleeping!

Sleep is always important but keeping yourself warm during winter nights is absolutely crucial. A warm and cozy night’s rest is the key to good health and productive days. The problem is amplified by the fact that the human body uses large amounts of energy and internal resources to keep itself warm in its icy surroundings.

The common solutions include thermostats, quilts, fires and heaters, to name a few. However, all of these come with their own unique issues. Fires lose their potency over time, while heaters and thermostats are external sources that often require adjustments over the course of the night.

Electric heated blankets combine the positives of these sources of warmth into one extremely effective modern device that can be used in close quarters to the body, is easy to adjust and doesn’t lose heat as time passes. The fact that they can be lined with the mattress or used as a throw blanket makes them versatile, adaptable and very convenient!

Make The Most Of Daylight!

Sunlight is another precious resource that is comparatively scarce during winters. The season sees days become shorter while nights grow longer. An excellent way to keep your home warm is to open the drapes, blinds and curtains to allow direct sunlight to enter the house.

The best time is later in the morning or around noon. Sunlight gets rid of cold, stale air that has accumulated overnight, keeps dampness away and provides your body with some much needed warmth and vitamin D.

Don’t Consume Coffee Or Smoke Before Physical Exertion!

The season is also associated with its own fair share of physical activity – Christmas shopping, decorating the house, salting the driveway, salting the pavement, shovelling snow and much more. Physical activity is also much more difficult to carry out in low temperatures, as the body tires quicker, exhaustion sets in faster and muscle or ligament injuries are surprisingly easy to pick up.

Helping yourself to a piping hot cup of coffee or enjoying a quick cigarette seems like a fantastic way to comfort the mind and body before venturing outdoors or getting down to some hard work. Watch out though, caffeine and nicotine add stress on the respiratory and circulatory systems, which actually makes it even harder to work! A common sign is shortness of breath. The simple pleasures are best enjoyed AFTER you finish your strenuous activity.

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