How To Massage A Baby – The Right Way

Massage is one of the best ways to make a baby feel loved. It’s simple, takes little time, and is fun to do. Massage can help a baby in many ways.

It can promote better sleep routines, immunity and helps improve mother-baby bonding. But since infants are really delicate, massaging the wrong way might cause damage or not fully transfer the wellness power of massage to the baby.

So here are 6 ways to enhance your baby massage skills. Though, before giving a massage. Make sure to not massage a baby when he’s sleepy or quickly after having a meal.

How To Massage A Baby

1 . Massaging the Tummy

Start the massage from the middle of the chest. Place both your hands on the heart and stroke outwards slowly, repeat these strokes several times. After massaging the chest with outward strokes. Place one hand flat on the chest and stroke it downwards gently to the thighs. Change hands and repeat several times.

2. Massaging the Legs

A baby’s legs are usually a better place to start the massage. The reason is, it helps the baby get more comfortable with the touch. To massage the legs, apply adequate oil to your hand. Then, massaging each leg individually, wrap your hands on to his legs and pull down. Do this one hand after the other with gentle pressure. And massage the other leg.

3. Massaging the Feet

Before massaging the feet, hold the foot and rotate it a little in both directions. You can simply stroke from the ankles down to the end of the toes. Do it several times for each foot. Massage the bottom of the feet with your thumb in a circular motion. Lastly, hold the toe with your thumb and forefinger and pull until it slides off your grip. Do it with all 10 toes.

Massaging the feet can induce better blood circulation in the baby along with many other benefits of foot massage.

4. Massaging the Back

Make your baby lay down on his tummy. Place both your hands on the base of the neck and move your hands back and forth down to the buttocks. Then grab his butt with one hand, and perform the previous stroke on the back with one hand. Place your fingers-tips at the middle of his spine, and using a circular motion massage on the sides of the spine with each hand going in the opposite direction. Be gentle and try not to massage the spine directly.

5. Massaging the Face

Massage your baby’s head and cheeks with your fingertips in a circular motion. Place your thumbs at the starting end of the eyebrows and stroke out several times with moderate pressure. Using your thumbs again, stroke out the closed eyelids and press them with gentle pressure after every 3 strokes. Massage his ears with your thumb and forefinger.

6. Massaging the Arms

To massage the arms, hold his wrist in one hand. Using the milking motion massage him from the shoulders to his wrist with the other hand. Repeat this several times for each arm. After using the milking motion, gently rotate his wrists in both direction a couple times.

Using your thumbs, massage his palms in a circular motion. And gently press on the small balls at the base of the fingers. Massage the fingers with your thumb and forefinger and pull them out gently.

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