Best Teak Shower Mats

Using a teak shower mat is cheaper and long-lasting compared to traditional methods. Traditionally, cloth and rubber have been the materials used to make shower mats.

Not anymore…

This hardwood is quite a beautiful material that imparts a luxurious element to a room. Its subtle tones and visual appeal will lift the appearance of any room. When seen in place in a room, you may wonder why you did not discover it sooner.

The hardwood properties make it a nice choice for bathroom use. The presence of silica and natural oils in the teak makes it suitable to use in any exposed applications.

Best Teak Shower Mat: Our Top Picks


1. Utoplike (24″x18″) Teak Wood Bath Mat

⭐ Best Overall

teak shower mat for rv
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2. Teak Luxury Shower Mat Naturally Water-Resistant

⭐ Best Price Friendly

teak shower mat for airstream
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3. Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles

⭐ Best Teak Floor Tiles

teak bath mat folding
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4. Bare Decor Fuji String Spa Shower Mat in Solid Teak Wood

⭐ Best 30″ x 30″

teak bath mat for shower
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5. Burmese Teak Large Shower Bath

⭐ Best 36″ x 30″

teak shower floor mat
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6. The House of Teak Shower Mat

⭐ Best 19″ x 19″

large teak shower floor mat
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The House of Teak shower mat is the ideal bath mat to protect yourself from bathroom accidents. It’s also suitable for pool surroundings, walkways, patios, and balconies.

This mat is made from imported teak wood. The main advantage of this mat is the ability to resist water, mildew, mold, and insects due to its natural oils.

Its natural color brings a real warm elegant classy feeling to your bathroom.

The House of Teak Shower Mat is very versatile. While it was designed for the bathroom, but its design and efficiency are worth it to fit into any room in the house.

It measures 19.75 inches x 19.75 inches x 1 inch.

One downside of this mat is the lack of non-slip rubber for grip on a sloppy surface.

7. SeaTeak Teak Shower or Door Mat, Oiled Finish

⭐ Best for Shower Door

teak shower mat for outdoor
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With this bath mat, you will never have the fear of “I might fall” in your bathroom again. The bath rug consists of about 1 cm wide teak sticks, which are stably connected.

The underside of the shower rug is equipped with anti-slip rubber stoppers.

This keeps the teak bath mat stable while you dry off from the tub or after taking a shower. You can choose from the different sizes and colors available on the market here.

The decorative rectangular teak bathroom rug is made of 1.5 inches Height x 19.75-inch Width x 31.5-inch Length.

The bath rug has a non-slip underside; it effectively prevents sudden and dangerous sliding away. these leaves you enjoying a secure stand and the pleasant feeling of wood underneath your feet.

The resilience of teak and the water and moisture resistance make the bath rug the ideal companion for your home. Teak is the perfect wood for any bathroom!

8. Soothing Styles Luxury Teak Bath Mat

⭐ Best Large Teak Shower Mat

flexible teak shower mat
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Soothing Styles Luxury is a simple but innovative design. It will bring an original touch to your bathroom.

The chenille fiber has been chosen because it not only absorbs moisture perfectly but it also pleasantly dampens the feet when leaving the bath. In addition, chenille fiber acts as an absorbent sponge.

It can hold water, however, it is able to dry very quickly. For the safety of all family members, especially seniors and younger, this item has been equipped with a non-slip back material.

Even if your feet are full of water, the risk of slipping is really minimal. Also, this back material prevents the deterioration of the tiling or bathroom floor.

This bath mat has been designed to make your daily life easier. Thanks to chenille microfiber, this product is very easy to maintain. You can wash it by hand or machine.

9. The Original Teak Grate Bath Shower Mat

⭐ Best Superior Design

custom teak shower floor mat
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This mat combines all the qualities of an excellent bath mat. Its design is soft and water-resistant. This will give your bathroom a user-friendly appearance.

This mat has been designed to provide maximum comfort to users by perfectly matching the contour of the feet at the exit of the bath.

This carpet owes this feat to its viscoelastic foam permeable to air.

This carpet is of multiple uses. Of course, it remains primarily a bath mat, however, this product is able to adapt to several environments. It can serve as a decent bed, or carpets for the kitchen or bathroom.

This product is designed to last. Its coating will not tarnish even if you wash it every day. Ideally, this carpet is coldly cleaned by hand.

10. Bare Decor 30 by 30-Inch Erika Shower Spa Mat 

⭐ Best Corner Teak Shower Mat

solid teak shower mat
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Turn a boring shower space into an awesome spa experience with the help of an X-large Erika teak shower mat. It has a wide range of features including:

The teak shower mat is made of solid teak wood which is harvested through responsible processes.
Thus, customers can have peace of mind that their mat is eco-friendly in nature. The teak wood material used for making this mat is naturally resistant to mildew and mold.

This prolongs the life of the mat while requiring less attention as opposed to conventional wooden mats which need to be wiped thoroughly after every usage.

The oil finishing of the mat gives it an elegant appearance which allows it to be used in outer spaces near pools, showers, boats, etc. as well.

The teak bath mat has a large area of 30 inches by 30 inches which provides more space to adjust the body position and move legs. It can also be used by more than one person to keep their feet warm if required.

The slats have a width of 1.25 inches which emulates the feel of a spa while the ample height of 1.5 inches allows water to easily flow beneath the surface.

The slip-resistant surface of the mat allows people to comfortably stand on it even when it is wet. Old people can conveniently use it due to its superior grip as compared to conventional shower mats.

11. Conair Home Solid Teak Bathroom Mat

⭐ Best for Outdoor

teak shower mat with drain hole
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Conair’s bathroom mat is a simple product that does the trick of turning a bathroom into an exquisite shower.
It has numerous features such as:

The wooden mat is made using durable teak wood which is 100 percent unique. It can efficiently bear rough and tough usage for years due to its sturdiness.

The teak shower mat has natural properties that make it resistant to humidity and moisture. This prevents it from weakening when used in wet environments while allowing to maintain a cleaner bathroom.

A smooth finish is given to the wooden mat with the help of mineral oil which makes it look beautiful while improving the look of the bathroom efficiently.

The design of the teak bath mat is ribbed and vented which allows for firm footing while using the mat. This slip-free footing allows people to take showers using this mat while also increasing comfort under normal use.

The mat weighs merely 5 pounds which allows it to be carried along easily on fishing trips or road trips when traveling in an RV.

Affordable pricing allows people to easily replace these mats when damaged. While the simple design allows them to be placed side by side for creating a wide wooden platform inside the bathroom with a small budget.

12. Soothing Styles Handcrafted Folding Teak Bath Mat

This is a versatile mat that delivers the same feel like a conventional wooden spa floor at any place. It comes laden with a variety of features such as:

The mat features a stylish look achieved through handcrafted design. It looks different than a conventional mat grabbing instant attention in the bathroom while making a style statement at the same time.

A sturdy design and construction allow customers to use the mat anywhere. It can be efficiently used in a wide variety of settings making it a great choice for numerous indoor and outdoor occasions.

The wood used for making this shower mat has a rating of 1000 pound-force by Janka and is extremely resistant to scratches and dents. The material used for making this mat is teak which has been further coated with protection against the mold to provide it better durability.

While teak is already a great choice in environments with moisture and water, the enhanced protection using artisanal oils further avoids the possibility of rotting, odors, and decay in this teak bath mat.

For superior stability, the teak shower mat comes with 72 silicone feet to grip the surface. This allows the mat to be used reliably in showers and bathrooms without the fear of slippage or accidents.

Featuring an extremely versatile design, this teak bath mat is made using more than 100 teak pieces while weighing merely 2.87 pounds. Its foldable and roll-able design along with its lightweight allows users to carry it anywhere and use it flexibly.

Customers who buy this teak shower mat get a guarantee of 100 percent satisfaction with the hassle-free 30-day return policy offered by Soothing Styles.


Recap: The Best Teak Shower Mats

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Why Choose a Teak Shower Mat Over Rubber or Cloth

Cloth and rubber materials have been the conventional materials from which shower mats are made. Another alternative has been introduced into the market, and it is the teak shower mat. This is a much better alternative because the look of the material can immediately add a beautiful visual appearance to any bathroom.

The subtle tones of the wood will blend easily many different decors, and the beauty of the hardwood lends a luxurious aspect to any room. This hardwood is popular around the world, but it is the Asian countries that are typically associated with influencing its use in the household.

These countries commonly use wood in the construction of buildings and furniture. Should the interior design of your home be in an Asian design, then your use of teak in your home would be quite appropriate, and it would be an excellent option to use a teak mat in the bathroom.

Several properties in the hardwood make it an exceptional choice to use in a bathroom.

The various properties of the wood include natural oils and also silica which make it appropriately used in exposed applications. This hardwood is termite, pest, and water-resistant. The wood is also resistant to wood mold development and rotting.

Because of these properties, the wood is used for making flooring and outdoor furniture and is also an excellent choice format for the bathroom. The denseness and decay resistance property render it very appropriate to use as flooring, and it could possibly last for a long time.

Because of this, the cost is greater for this type of material as compared to the rubber or cloth bathroom mats, but the value in the hardwood more justifies the cost.

The tight, dense nature of the wood gives it a very smooth-to-the-touch feeling. The rubber or cloth alternative materials do not have that advantage.

A Unique Product

The bath mat Teak Wood Brown has been designed for a unique design. The wooden blocks are attached to each other with wooden connecting blocks making this bathmat of wood one part.

The blocks are laid in such a way that proportional gaps are created. This not only ensures a beautiful design but also that the water flows easily.

Besides that the product looks beautiful, it is also made of high-quality materials. The mat is made of teak. This type of wood is ideal because it absorbs little water. This makes the bath mat ideal for use in the bathroom.

What to look for when buying a bathmat

Bath mats, bath rugs, or bath rugs are important utensils for fitting a bathroom. When buying a mat you should pay attention to a few things.

High-quality bath mats, bath rugs, or bath rugs are among the most important utensils of a bathroom. They ensure a pleasant, cozy atmosphere as well as a secure hold in the domestic wet room.

In general, the bath mats are placed in front of the sink, shower, or bath, where most of the moisture accumulates.

The selection is great

In the trade, you will find a huge selection of different rugs, mats, and bath rugs. So a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns are available. The shapes are very different and can be.

 Teak Bath Mat Shapes

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval and
  • Round

Most bath mats are made of terrycloth or high pile, durable fabric. As an alternative to soft and fluffy mats, there are also special bath mats made of wood, which are made of teak wood or beech wood.

When buying note

Since the selection of mats, rugs, and bath rugs is very large, the right choice is sometimes difficult. Therefore, one should pay attention to some quality features when buying.

Above all, it is important that the bath mat on the bottom is equipped with a waterproof and non-slip pad. These can be either knobs or rubberized material. The mat must, therefore, ensure a secure fit in any case.

In addition, the material of the mat should be as thick and absorbent as possible. Especially recommended is a mat made of blended fabric such as cotton and bamboo viscose.

This blended fabric is able to absorb more water than other materials and also dries very quickly. Also, mats made of polyacrylic and microfiber are well suited.

Another important point is the washability of the bath mat. So that no on the mat mold forms, they should be in the washing machine at a temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius.

Color and design

Which design and which color is most suitable, must be decided individually according to personal taste. There are a variety of color combinations and patterns such as
• fish
• Seascapes
• Safari-themed
• Zebra Stripe
• Cartoon characters and even
• extravagant skull pattern
to choose from, so that the right thing should be found for every taste.

Appearance of Teak

For starters, teak is a beautiful hardwood that is pleasing to the eye and adds a touch of luxury to just about any bathroom.  Teak offers a mild, subtle tone that blends and matches practically any decor.

Just adding a teak bath mat to your bathroom can greatly improve the visual appeal and overall look. While teak is now commonly used worldwide, it still carries its root influence from the southeastern Asian countries most commonly known to use teak for buildings and furniture.

If your home or bathroom is centered around a southeast Asian design, teak is definitely the wood to go with when choosing a bath mat!

Resilience of Teak

Teak wood contains silica and natural oils that make it an obvious choice for use in exposed applications.  It is naturally termite and pest proof and has a very high natural resilience to water damage.

Because of these features, teak is often seen in use as outdoor furniture or flooring.

These features are also a plus in bath mat applications.  Because teak is naturally resistant to water, you will never have to worry about wood molding or rotting.  It is also a plus not having to worry about attracting pests into your home.

Strength of Teak

Teak is a very dense hardwood that is often used in flooring applications.  Since the wood itself is so dense and so resistant to natural decay, a teak bath mat has the potential to last you a lifetime.

This factor alone makes the material worth the slightly higher investment required over a cloth bath mat.

The tight, dense grain of teak also offers a smooth, comfortable feel.  The comfort and solidarity offered by teak is certainly a large step up from cloth and is a comparable difference to the luxury offered by hardwood floors over carpet.

Consider the advantages, and you will clearly see that a teak bath mat is a solid, reliable choice.

Cleaning your Teak Bath Mat

Being that teak is naturally resistant to water, mildew, insects, and other natural deterioration that commonly plagues wooden products, you will not have to spend a lot of time caring for your teak bath mat.

However, with any product, you can enjoy even greater longevity and more reliability from a teak bath mat if you spend a little bit of time occasionally caring for it.

Cleaning a teak bath mat is about as easy as dusting out a rug.  Every few weeks or so, it would be helpful to pick up your teak bath mat and ensure the entire piece is completely dry.  Clean off any leftover water with a towel or sponge.

You should also make sure to wipe off any debris that has built upon the surface of the bath mat.

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to rub down your teak bath mat with mild wood oil to preserve its shine and water resistance.

Murphy’s wood oil, or Block wood, and bamboo oil are good choices, as they are mild and made especially for wood.  After the entire bath mat is covered, leave it out in the air to dry for an hour or two.

That’s it!  That’s all it takes to care for a teak bath mat.

Teak Shower Mat: Nothing Better!

So you are updating your bathroom, renovating, or just looking to replace your bath mat.  You are on the fence, and just not sure if you want to go with teak or something cheaper, or more traditional.

Some of the most popular brands that offer teak shower mats include Bare Decor, SeaTeak, AquaTeak, Hip-o Modern Living, Soothing Styles, HANKEY, BMNP Imports, GLS, Ollieroo, Taymor Industries, WholesaleTeak, Maximum Stores, Conair, Bambüsi, Oceanstar

Here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

A Teak Bath Mat Will Not Mold

Let’s say you get a cloth bath mat, and use it on a standard tile or linoleum floor.  After just a few days of use, enough water will have soaked in to begin fostering mildew, and the floor below will begin to dampen.

In just over a week, there can be enough moisture build-up to allow mold to begin to grow.  The damp cloth provides a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to thrive.

What if you go with a rubber bath mat?  Because rubber forms a seal against the flooring below, you can still experience accelerated mold growth.

Additionally, rubber does not offer nearly the absorbing power of cloth, so more water will remain on your feet, which could end up being hazardous.

With a teak bath mat, the upper level of the mat is suspended above the ground, so there is no seal trapping water against your flooring.

Water is allowed to drip-free of your feet, providing a safe shower exit, and then quickly dries.  Since teak is naturally resistant to water, you do not need to worry about the mat itself molding or becoming damaged.

Consider the Cost

Think about the cost involved when making a bath mat decision.  A good teak bath mat will likely cost about $70 – significantly more than a standard cloth bath mat.

At any housewares store, you could expect to pay about $20 for a normal bath mat.  However, how long will it last?

A cloth bath mat will likely need to be replaced every couple of years, at best.  At $20 each, you will have spent more than the cost of a teak bath mat in only 8 years or less.  A teak bath mat, however, will never mold and is incredibly strong.

A teak bath mat will last a lifetime, with little to no care on your part.  For that $70 initial cost, you are really making an investment that will ultimately pay for itself.

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