Best Foot Massage Mat

How to Find the Right Foot Massage Mat for you

Do you love the idea of a massage that leaves you feeling incredible? If so, you may be interested in a Massage Mat. What exactly is a massage mat? Well, it is a special pad or mat that is made to help massage one or more areas of your body. Mats are made for the back, the feet, the neck, and even other areas.

There are some mats that are made of rubber, some made of silicone, and others are electronic. The main point of these mats is to help reach stress points in your body, helping to relax the muscles and tissues in the area.

In some cases, you may find that a Massage Mat may not just provide massage, but it may combine heat with it as well. There are a variety of different mat shapes as well. Some are made to help massage areas while you are lying down or while you are sitting. Rubber or silicone mats are stationary and they serve a similar purpose as the electric mats. Usually, these mats are soft so you can stand, sit or lie down on the comfortable, yet they apply the pressure needed to the correct areas.

There are even covered mats that may be used by a masseuse to provide more pressure and comfort while they are performing a massage. Whether your masseuse is using the mat or you are using it personally, these mats can help to relax your muscles and eliminate the tension in your body. Usually, you can find these mats at holistic healing stores and other retailers.

With the variety of options available, you may not be sure what to choose in a Massage Mat. Here is a look at some of the available options that will help you decide which specific mat is for you.

Full Body Massage Mat

Usually you will find that a Full Body Massage Mat is designed for you to lie down on. It is made to provide massage to the whole body, giving you total body relaxation. For those who want to unwind after a tough day at work, this is a perfect option. Many of the full body mats provide heat as well to sooth the muscles and to make the massage even more relaxing. Most of these mats fold up so you can easily store them or take them with you when you travel.

Thai Massage Mat

Another option that is available to you if you want a massage mat is a Thai Massage Mat. Many practitioners of Thai massage use these mats for their patients when performing a massage. These mats are usually made of canvas that is filled with cotton batting that is untreated. It should have enough batting in it to give you plenty of cushioning while the massage is being done and should be wide enough so that the practitioner can easily work on the patient.

Shiatsu Mat

Shiatsu happens to be a very old style of massage and is also known as a healing method of the Japanese. The name Shiatsu actually means “finger pressure.” Stretching and pressure is used to give patients relief with this type of massage. This type of massage is done on a Shiatsu Massage Mat. Patients will lie down on the mat and then the practitioner will begin working on their body. Usually these mats are large enough so that the patient can easily lie down on the mat and it provides plenty of cushioning so that it is comfortable. It also rolls up easy so it can be carried around. The usually size is 54 inches by 80 inches, although there is a larger size that is 66 inches by 80 inches available as well.

Massage Chair Mat

If you like the idea of a chair massage, then a Massage Chair Mat is an excellent idea. Basically this is a portable mat that you can easily put into a chair. This mat looks quite thick and it can be placed in many types of chairs. You can rest back the shoulders, back, and neck on the mat. Then you simply use the buttons on the mat and it turns on the rotors that are in the mat. These special rotors start working on the pressure points that are in the back, shoulders, and neck. In some cases, these massage chair mats may include heat as well, which you can turn on if you want to heat with the massage.

Spa Mat

With a special spa massage mat, you can essentially take your bathtub into your own home spa. Simply put this mat into the bath and you turn the bath into a whirlpool, which gives you the massage that comes from warm water. It allows you to relax with the swirling bubbles of air that help to soothe your aches, pains, muscles, and they eliminate tension as well. You can take the mat with you about anywhere, so you always have the comfort of a spa-like massage in any tub. It adheres to the surface of the tub as well, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

Whether you are going with a massage chair mat, full-body massage mat, a spa mat, or some other type of Massage Mat, they all provide one thing – relaxation. They make wonderful purchases because they work with your body to eliminate stress and to alleviate the pain that comes from tension and pressure points. These Massage Mats are definitely worth the investment you make because you are sure to use them repeatedly over and over again.

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